The Process









Timeline MAnagement

As a Certified Timeline Genius, I can help you create timelines, add vendor details, and make updates before sharing with the wedding team. 

Vendor/Venue Research

There is always a new vendor to connect with or a new venue to learn more information. We can work on an hourly basis or project-by-project to get you the details your couples want to know. 

Administrative planning

Staying in touch during the planning process is easy, but how do you keep up with your couples after the wedding is over? Create a process to follow up and stay in touch with your fav clients. 



What can a Wedding Virtual Assistant do?


Blogging Management

search engine optimization (SEO)

Keyword research provides valuable insight into the questions, problems, and solutions your target audience is searching for. This should be the basis of your SEO efforts.

keyword Research

Driving organic traffic that is representative of your ideal customer. Achieve your goals by optimizing your website and creating content with the right keywords.

Google analytics

Collect information about how your clients interact with pages on your website.

Working with a Wedding Virtual Assistant


Reach out to me and let me know a little about you and your business


Let’s talk about your goals, strategy, and ideal clients to develop a plan


Review the details of your package & we will sign the contract & invoice


Let’s transform your work into something extraordinary!

Event Day Assistance

Prior to the Event

There are thousands of details that have to be finalized before the wedding day. I can provide support getting all the details finalized and put into the timeline so you can focus on your couples.  

Day of the Event

This is my favorite type of support! The event day is the culmination of all your hard work. Let me do the heavy lifting of guiding the VIPs while you serve the couple. I’ll even take care of the other professionals too!

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After the Event

Follow up is so important. After the event, you need to debrief, create content from what occurred (or update a contract so it doesn’t happen again). From beginning to end, I’m here to help you get it done!