Meet Ehko – The Wedding Planner’s Assistant

Bringing your wedding business to life with unconventional ideas that reflect who you are

The Power of Words

Words have power. You use them to manifest greatness or you can use them to self-sabotage. Manifestation sounds great, but most people self-sabotage without even knowing it. This is how it showed up for me. 

I have two little ones – a son and a daughter. They crave my attention all day, every day. All they want to do is run a business like Mommy. Every so often, they will come to me wanting to sell their old toys to make money. 

You aren’t buying toys; you are looking for a service. For my children, it’s all the same. 

So let me be good to them and ask…

How can I support you? 









Ehko turning up her nose at a bad idea

Busy Work

We all know what it is, and we don’t like doing it. But it must be done. Following up with vendors? Researching a new venue?

Take those tasks off your plate with a wedding professional who understands the intricacies of building those relationships. Starting at $300 per month for 10 hours 

Event Day Lead

 As a Certified Wedding Planner and former venue manager, I have the skills and knowledge to help you serve more couples. Take on more than one event per weekend with me leading the second team. 

Price starts at $600 and includes service from 45 days before through wedding day 

Blogging & SEO

If your business is being found online, then you need to know what SEO is and how it impacts your showing up in search engines. 

If you aren’t blogging, you’re missing an opportunity to turn cold leads into warm prospects. They are searching Google; why make your website the answer they need?

Instead of multiple Pinterest pins that show small details here and there of what you want, let me create a cohesive design board that highlights what you love about each pin. Ready?

I need a Creative Virtual Assistant