You are Creating the Design!

Which of your senses is strongest?

How can you incorporate each one?


What do the guests want to see? 

Does their opinion matter more than yours? 

Do you embrace or repel color?

Is there a difference in every color? 


Can you Make a Final Decision?

Will your wedding be a random collection of your planning process?

The Design is the “pretty stuff” that everyone falls in love with on Pinterest & Social Media

This is where everyone wants to be, but you shouldn’t dwell here too long!  

The next emails you get from me will break down each of these thoughts plus

  • why this step needs should be the shortest one of all to complete,
  • how the details of your everyday life matter the most when designing, and 
  • when you have to commit to an element so you can move the process forward. 


Is there something you want to know? 

Email me back and ask.