You are Sourcing Your Creative Team!

Who are the vendors you REALLY want to work with?

Why are they at the top of the list?


How are you tracking your VIPs and vendor team? 

Did you have a master list of people?

Who isn’t getting paid to work on your wedding day?

How do you handle that conversation? 


How many contracts or agreements did you sign?

Should you have an agreement with people you don’t pay? 

The Creative Team Makes the Magic Happen on Your Big Day! 

Trust, but verify. And inspect what you expect. 

There’s a lot of groups out there that have people waiting to scam you. So choosing your vendor team can be tough. This series of emails is tough. I like to see the good in people, but not everyone is good to others. 

Because of this, these emails break down each of these thoughts plus

  • why you need an agreement with EVERY member of your team (including your wedding party),
  • how you have to trust your team to do the right thing for you, and 
  • when you need to review the details of the agreements you signed. 


Is there something different you want to know? 

Email me back and ask.